11th Class Applied Art Past Paper 2023 | Punjab Boards

Applied art is a subject that involves the application of artistic skills and creativity to practical problems. It covers various fields, such as graphic design, fashion design, interior design, product design, and more. Applied art is a popular subject among students who want to pursue careers in the creative industries or enhance their artistic abilities.

However, applied art is not an easy subject to master. It requires a lot of practice, experimentation, and innovation. Moreover, applied art exams are often challenging and need students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of various topics clearly and coherently. One of the best ways to prepare for applied art exams is to practice with past papers.

Past papers are actual exam papers that were used in previous years by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Punjab. They give students an idea of what to expect in the exam, how to answer different types of questions, and how to manage their time effectively. Past papers also help students revise the syllabus, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their confidence and performance. By solving past papers regularly, students can assess their progress, learn from their mistakes, and enhance their exam skills.

However, finding past papers for applied art can be difficult and time-consuming. Many students do not have access to past papers or do not know where to look for them. Furthermore, some former papers may be old or incomplete, affecting the quality of revision.

Fortunately, there is a website that provides a solution to this problem. WaqasAbid.com is Pakistan’s biggest web site, providing a wide range of educational materials to students at all levels. One of the features of this website is that it provides past papers for 11th class applied art for all Punjab boards. WaqasAbid.com has a collection of past papers for applied art from 2010 to 2020. These past papers are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free.The website also includes answer keys and marking methods for each past paper, allowing students to double-check their answers and understand the scoring criteria.
WaqasAbid.com also offers other useful resources for applied art students, such as guess papers, pairing schemes, topper copies, SLO-based model papers, result gazettes, scholarships, and online earning opportunities. These materials can assist students in improving their knowledge, abilities, and job opportunities.

How to Download Past Papers From WaqasAbid.com

Downloading previous papers from WaqasAbid.com is simple and quick. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official website of WaqasAbid.com at www.waqasabid.com.
  • Select “Past Papers” from the left sidebar option on the website.
  • You will see a list of subjects for different classes. Click on “11th Class” and then on “Applied Art.”
  • You will see a table with the year-wise links to past papers for applied art for all Punjab boards.
  • Click on the link of the year you want to download. You will be redirected to a new page with the PDF file of the past paper.
  • Click on the download icon on the top right corner of the PDF viewer. You can also right-click on the PDF file and choose “Save as” to save it on your device.
  • Repeat the same process for other years or boards as per your requirements.

You can also access other resources, such as guess papers, pairing schemes, etc., by clicking on the respective options on the left sidebar menu.

Benefits of Using Past Papers From WaqasAbid.com

Using past papers from WaqasAbid.com has many benefits for applied art students. Some of them are:

  • You can get access to a large collection of past papers for applied art from 2010 to 2020 for all Punjab boards.
  • You can download past papers for free without any registration or subscription.
  • You can view or print past papers in high-quality PDF format.
  • You can check your answers with the answer keys and marking schemes provided by WaqasAbid.com.
  • You can compare your performance with the topper copies and learn from their strategies and techniques.
  • You can practice with SLO-based model papers that are aligned with educational standards and exam patterns.
  • You can get guidance and tips from experts and teachers on how to prepare for applied art exams.
  • You can explore other opportunities, such as scholarships and online earning, that can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.


Applied art is a subject that requires a lot of practice and creativity. By using past papers from WaqasAbid.com, you can improve your skills and confidence in applied art exams. WaqasAbid.com is a reliable and trusted source of educational resources for students of all levels. Visit www.waqasabid.com today and start your journey towards academic excellence.

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