Online Challan Forms BIEK Karachi Board: How to Fill Out & Download

If you are a student or a teacher in Karachi, you might be familiar with the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (B.I.E.K.). B.I.E.K. is a public sector organization that conducts examinations for various faculties and groups, such as Science, Commerce, and Humanities. B.I.E.K. is responsible for ensuring the quality and transparency of the examination system, as well as issuing certificates, mark sheets, and other testimonials to the candidates.

One of the essential aspects of the examination process is the submission of challan forms. A challan form is a document that shows the payment of fees or charges for a specific service or purpose. In the case of B.I.E.K., challan forms are required for various purposes, such as enrolment, registration, verification, cancellation, duplicate testimonials, and so on.

In this article, we will explain how to get online challan forms from B.I.E.K.’s official website and the benefits and features of using them. We will also provide some tips and guidelines on how to fill and submit them correctly.

How to get online challan forms from BIEK

BIEK has introduced an online system for getting challan forms for various purposes. This system is designed to facilitate students and colleges to submit their papers online without hassle or delay. The online system also ensures the accuracy and security of the data and documents.

To get online challan forms from B.I.E.K., you need to follow these steps:

BoardBie Karachi Board (BISE)
Challan LinkCheck Here
  • Visit B.I.E.K.’s official website and click the “Download Forms” tab on the homepage.
  • You will see a list of different forms available for download, such as B.I.E.K. Forms, Verification Forms, Cancellation Forms, Duplicate Forms, etc. Click on the condition that you need according to your purpose.
  • You will be sent to a website where you can download the form as a PDF. You can also look at the sample form and instructions on completing it.
  • You can save the form on your computer or device and print it out.
  • Please fill out the form with the required information and attach the necessary documents, such as photocopies of mark sheets, certificates, admit cards, etc.
  • Submit the form and the original challan form (which you will get after paying the fee) to the relevant department or office of B.I.E.K.

Benefits and features of online challan forms

There are many benefits and features of using online challan forms from B.I.E.K. Some of them are:

  • Convenience: You can get online challan forms from anywhere and anytime. You do not need to visit B.I.E.K.’s office or wait in long queues to get the records. You can also save time and money by avoiding travel expenses and printing costs.
  • Accuracy: Online challan forms are pre-filled with basic information, such as name, roll number, group, etc. This reduces the chances of errors and mistakes in filling out the forms. You can also check and verify your information before submitting the documents.
  • Security: Online challan forms are encrypted and protected by passwords. Only authorized users can access and download them. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your data and documents.
  • Transparency: Online challan forms are linked with B.I.E.K.’s database and records. This enables you to track and monitor the status of your documents and payments. You can also get notifications and alerts about any updates or changes in your forms.
  • Efficiency: B.I.E.K.’s staff and systems process online challan forms faster and easier. This improves the quality and speed of service delivery and reduces the workload and paperwork.

Tips and guidelines on how to fill and submit online challan forms

To serve and submit online challan forms from B.I.E.K. successfully, you need to follow these tips and guidelines:

  • Before filling out the form, please read the instructions. Make sure you understand what information is required and what documents are needed.
  • Use a black or blue ballpoint pen to fill out the form. Do not use a pencil, eraser, or whitener. Write clearly and legibly in capital letters.
  • Refrain from overwriting or cutting any information on the form. If you make a mistake, cross it with a single line and write the correct information above it.
  • Please don’t forget to fold or staple the form or any attached document. Use a paper clip or a file cover to keep them together.
  • You can pay the fee at any authorized bank branch according to your purpose. You can find the list of official banks on B.I.E.K.’s website. Keep the original challan form with you as proof of payment.
  • Submit the form along with the original challan form and other documents to B.I.E.K.’s office or department within the given deadline. You can find the address and contact details of B.I.E.K.’s offices on their website:
  • Could you keep a photocopy of the form and the challan form for your reference and record? You may need them in case you have any questions or concerns.


Online challan forms are a convenient and efficient way of getting various services and testimonials from B.I.E.K. They are easy to access, download, fill, and submit online. They also offer many benefits and features, such as accuracy, security, transparency, and efficiency. Following this article’s steps, tips, and guidelines, you can get online challan forms from B.I.E.K. without hassle or delay.

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