12th Class Date Sheet 2024: D.G. Khan Board Intermediate Exam Dates Announced!

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Are you a student of the 12th class in D.G. Khan Board and looking for the date sheet of your annual exams? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll be able to provide you with all of the information you need regarding the 12th class date sheet 2024 D.G. in this post. Khan Board, including the expected exam dates, the tentative date sheet, the preparation tips, and the benefits of solving previous year papers. You may learn more by continuing to read.

What is the D.G. Khan Board?

D.G. Khan Board, officially known as the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Dera Ghazi Khan, is one of the nine educational boards in Punjab province that conducts matric and intermediate exams for the students of its affiliated districts. Established in 1989, the board covers four sections: Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, and Rajanpur. The committee’s purpose is to provide students with a high-quality education and fair evaluation while also developing a learning and excellence culture.

When will the 12th Class Exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board Start?

The exact date of the commencement of the 12th class exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board has yet to be announced by the board authorities. However, based on the previous year’s trends, we can expect that the exams will start in May 2024. Usually, the board issues the date sheet at least one month before the exams, so we can expect that the date sheet will be available in April 2024. The students can check the official website of the board 1 for any updates and notifications regarding the exam schedule.

What is the Tentative Date Sheet of 12th Class Exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board?

The tentative date sheet of the 12th class exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board is based on the previous year’s date sheet and is subject to change by the board authorities. However, it can give an idea to the students about the expected exam dates and timings for different subjects. The tentative date sheet is as follows:

DateDaySubject (1st Time)Subject (2nd Time)
.SaturdayPsychologyFood & Nutrition (HEG) <br> Outline of Home Economics N-E-W
.MondayEnglish (Comp) (1st Group)English (Comp) (2nd Group)
.TuesdayEconomics N.E.WSociology N-E-W
.WednesdayComputer Science N.E.WHealth & Physical Education N.E.W
.ThursdayChemistry (1st Group) <br> Fine arts N.E.WChemistry (2nd Group) <br> Statistics N.E.W
.FridayCivics N.E.W <br> Philosophy <br> Banking <br> Computer studies (Commerce Group) N.E.W
.SaturdayMathematics (1st Group) <br> Biology (1st Group)Mathematics (2nd Group) <br> Biology (2nd Group)
.MondayPhysics (1st Group) <br> Education (1st Group) N.E.WPhysics (2nd Group) <br> Education (2nd Group) <br> Commercial Geography
.TuesdayHistory (All options) <br> Geography N.E.W
.WednesdayUrdu (Comp) (1st Group) <br> Urdu (Comp) (2nd Group) <br> Pakistani Culture
.ThursdayIslamic Studies (Elective) (1st group) <br> Islamic Studies (Elective) (2nd group) <br> Principles of Accounting N.E.W
.FridayPakistan Studies (Comp) (1st Group) <br> Pakistan Studies (Comp) (2nd Group)
.SaturdayPunjabi (1st Group) <br> Arabic <br> Persian, Urdu AdvancedPunjabi (2nd Group) <br> Arabic

How to Prepare for 12th Class Exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board?

Many students find it difficult to study for their 12th-grade exams, especially when they are required to cover a wide range of topics. However, they can overcome this challenge with proper planning and strategy and score well in their exams. Here are some tips to help the students prepare for their 12th class exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board:

  • Focus on Time Management: Time management is the key to success in any exam. The students should make a realistic and flexible study plan that covers all the essential topics and leaves enough time for revision and practice. They should also follow a daily routine that balances their study time with their rest and recreation time. They should avoid procrastination and distractions and stick to their study plans as much as possible.
  • Learn Concepts, not the Bookish Language: The students should rely on something other than rote learning or memorizing the bookish language of the textbooks. Instead, Students should concentrate on comprehending the ideas and how they apply in various contexts.
  • They should also try relating the concepts to real-life examples and experiences.This will assist them in better remembering the knowledge and answering the questions.
  • Do Written Practice: The students should read or listen to the topics and practice writing them down. Writing helps to improve memory, comprehension, and expression skills. It also helps to identify the mistakes and gaps in the knowledge. The students should practice writing the answers to the questions from the textbooks, previous year papers, sample papers, and mock tests. They should also check their answers with the help of the marking scheme and feedback from teachers or peers.
  • Make Notes on Each Topic: The students should make concise and comprehensive notes on each study topic. They should use bullet points, diagrams, charts, tables, keywords, and mnemonics to summarize the main points and facts. They should also highlight or underline the essential terms and definitions. The notes will help them to revise the topics quickly and efficiently before the exams.
  • Learn from the Best Teachers: The students should seek guidance from the best teachers with expertise and experience in teaching their subjects. They should attend lectures, clear their doubts, ask questions, and take notes. They can also watch online videos or podcasts of the teachers who explain the topics simply and interestingly. They should also follow their tips and suggestions on preparing for the exams.
  • Learn with Visual Presentation: The students should use visual aids such as diagrams, graphs, maps, pictures, animations, etc., to learn the topics more effectively. Visual presentation helps to enhance the understanding and retention of the information. It also makes the learning process more fun and engaging. The students can use online tools or apps to create visual presentations or refer to the ones available on various websites or platforms.
  • Study from N.C.E.R.T. Course Books: The students should study from the N.C.E.R.T. course books as the board prescribes them and covers the entire syllabus. The N.C.E.R.T. books are written in a simple and lucid language that is easy to understand. They also contain numerous examples, exercises, questions, and activities that help test the student’s knowledge and skills. The students should read each chapter thoroughly and solve all the questions.
  • Identify Weak and Strong Subjects: The students should identify their weak and strong subjects based on their performance in tests, assignments, projects, etc. They should improve their vulnerable issues by devoting more time and effort to them. They should also revise their vital subjects regularly to maintain their proficiency. They should pay attention to any subject or topic as they can be asked in any form or combination in the exams.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers: The students should solve the previous year’s papers of 12th class exams D.G. Khan Board to get familiar with the exam pattern, difficulty level, marking scheme, and types of questions asked in them. They should solve them in a simulated exam environment with a timer and without external help. After solving them, they should also analyze their performance and identify their strengths and weaknesses. They should focus on their speed, accuracy, and presenting abilities.
  • Take Mock Tests: The students should take mock tests regularly to assess their preparation level and exam readiness. They should take mock tests from various sources such as online platforms, coaching institutes, teachers, etc. They should treat them as actual exams and follow all the instructions and rules while taking them. After taking them, they should also check their scores and feedback and work on improving their weak areas.

What Are the Advantages of Working on Previous Year Papers?

Solving previous year’s papers is one of the most effective ways to prepare for 12th-class exams. D.G. Khan Board. Some of the benefits of solving last year’s papers are:

  • It helps to boost confidence and reduce exam fear.
  • It helps to build time management and problem-solving skills.
  • It helps to understand the exam pattern, difficulty level, marking scheme, and types of questions asked in the exams.
  • It helps to revise the entire syllabus systematically.
  • It helps identify the essential topics and questions frequently asked in the exams.
  • It helps to evaluate the preparation level and identify the gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • It helps to enhance the memory and retention of the information.
  • It helps to practice the writing and presentation skills.
  • It helps to increase the chances of scoring high marks in the exams.


The 12th class exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board are an essential milestone for students pursuing higher education and career opportunities. Students should study hard for their examinations by following the advice and tactics provided in this article.
They should also solve the previous year’s papers to get an edge over their competitors and achieve their academic goals. We wish all the best to the students appearing for the 12th class exams 2024 D.G. Khan Board.

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